My Wish (Self Love for beginners)

Today's post is by Fibro advocate Sharna Stewart


          If I could wish you anything besides good health it would be the ability to love your true authentic self. I wish this for my beautiful niece and all the other readers out there, disabled, abled, chronically ill and everyone else who falls in the majority or minorities of humanity.

          My advice being, not to wait the 34 years and counting, it has taken me to even mutter the phrase ‘self love’. I understand this is no easy wish I’m bestowing on you, but I have to believe that your generation will commence life with a full and healthy dose of self esteem that’s resilient to the bumps and hurdles that happen along the way. A good cup of worthiness, affection, trust and love for yourself, no matter the roads in which you choose to follow. An acceptance that allows you to forgive the multitude of 3am anxiety attacks that see you in tears on the bedroom floor or the number of times you have beaten yourself up for being sick, unreliable, disappointing, boring, a burden and most importantly an overall ‘drain’ on the multidisciplinary healthcare system. 

          In conclusion, try to learn to see yourself through your loved ones eyes and open yours to the incredible real ‘you’, the kind, loving, generous, bubbly, wholesome girl you are and will grow to be. Don’t give in to the deceitful chatter that creeps in when things don’t go as planned, know your self worth and always love you, unconditionally.

About Sharna Stewart

Sharna is an advocate for Fibromyalgia Awareness. She has had fibromyalgia and CFS for 5 1/2 years.

You can connect with her through her twitter account.
She would like to connect with anyone suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME), Gastroparesis, Tachycardia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

She wants to share her knowledge of mental health related issues and the latest treatments for pain management, including but not limited to ketamine, CBT, infrared saunas, float tanks and GET.  


  1. This is great advice. Of course it's gonna take some while to get there and it's a never ending process but this is a good post to come back to when I need a reminder. x

    1. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Thank you Graphic Organic! I agree, it's hard to change old habits but you are right to come back when you need that reminder that you are so loveable and no matter what happens we must love ourselves too and forgive our past. I wish I could say I've mastered the art of self love but even I have my momentary relapses. You sound like you are right on track xxx Sharna

  2. Beautiful message. Thank you.

  3. What a beautiful sentiment, thank you. Kim

    1. Anonymous8:47 AM

      Thank you Kim for your kind words. It's lovely to have your feedback and I plan to write a lot more via my twitter account and website

      Thank you again xx Sharna

  4. This is so beautiful, and so important! We spend far too much time criticizing ourselves and not enough time appreciating ourselves for who we really are. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Thank you lovely! It's so true, i almost find it easier to be kind and loving towards others rather than myself.. It's hard to remember we need to appreciate us! So, I hope this helps you stop once in a while and remember just how lovable you are and tell yourself!! Xxx sharna


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