Positive coping strategies for Fibromyalgia

Positive strategies to help Fibromyalgia

Here is a list of positive coping strategies:
Talking to a Friend or Family Member
Relaxation Techniques
Talking to a Professional
Joining a Support Group
Getting Involved in Hobbies
Reading About Fibromyalgia

Apparently these were the top 10 suggestions, made by 600 fibro sufferers, in no particular order except the first three listed: 
"The positive coping strategy reported most frequently by the respondents was talking to a friend or family member (62.4%). 

Praying ranked second with 60.2% of respondents using this technique. 

Exercise was reported by 59.4%, which makes it the
third most popular strategy."

This was a study done by D.J. Clauw - Fibromyalgia: More than just a musculoskeletal disease. Am Fam Physician 52(3):843-851, 1995.

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  1. Hi, Lee! We're writing in sync again, I think: last week I wrote about positive coping strategies as well, but I was focusing on the Hallberg and Bergman study that was just released. Study abstract is and my post is . Have a great day!


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