What's your top 3?

What helps your fibromyalgia?
We all need ideas because we all need to self manage our own condition. Being pro-active is important as there is no known cure, so far, and therefore your doctor can only help to a certain level.

The EULAR guidelines for the management of fibro recommend making non-pharmacological interventions a priority.

Please post your own suggestions in the comments so we can make a large list.
This may help on days when we are low and can't think what to do to help ourselves (No one else can really help us! I heard a funny thing "Doctors are just there to amuse us!")

These are 3 that I can think of that help me.
  • The spa bath or hot tub

  • Getting to bed before 10.30 pm

  • Thinking positive
MedicineNet's top 3 things patients can do to help themselves are:

  • Self-education
  • Stress reduction
  • Exercise
Mayo Clinic's options for coping include:
  • Relaxation: Deep-breathing exercises, Progressive muscle relaxation, Meditation and Visualization.
  • Avoiding negative self talk and turning it into positive talk.
  • Asking for help and having a list of people on hand for the difficult days. 

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  3. Gina McNabb9:26 PM

    My top 3 are:
    Soak in a warm (not hot) bath.
    Take breaks often when doing physical activities.
    Don't overload my schedule and my calendar.

  4. Gina, great tips.
    I am adding Distraction


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